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Jonathan Samuels, Psy.D.




I am a New York State licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience. While I do work with adults, a majority of my work has been with children and adolescents. I specialize in family therapy and for 15 years served as the Director of Family Therapy at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical Center. You can view more about my background by clicking on the "About Me"  link.

I have extensive experience treating adhd, anxiety, depression, oppositionality, and family conflict. I take what is known as a common factors approach, which has extensive empirical support. It doesn't confine the therapist to any one school of therapy. Rather a common factors approach puts forth the belief that most therapies are effective when specific factors are present. The most important factor is related to the client, especially client motivation. The second most important factor is the therapeutic alliance. The therapeutic alliance is formed when the therapist adapts a nonjudgmental stance and displays a deep understanding of the clients difficulties. Trust and confidence in the therapist are built over time which help result in successful outcomes. Empirically based interventions are important, but in most cases, take a third row seat to client motivation and the therapeutic alliance.